Your EPub files?
You shouldn’t change the name of your ePub file.
If you do so, you may encounter an issue with the very possibility of sharing notes with your friends.
The notes you take are saved in context for a given ePub file, that’s why we encourage you to send your ePub exemplary.
Your Dropbox?
Dropbox is your friend. Addr is an eBook reader, not a place to purchase books.
You will find every book you want on the internet if you are curious enough (Gutenberg Projectarrow). Once you have an ePub file, drag it to dropbox from your computer and you will be able to access it directly from our app menu.
Your body of notes?
Name your body of notes with a specific name for every book. In order for you to have some recognizable corpus of notes for your friends’ app, give a clear name that will be easily identified as such.
Send your corpus of notes directly from the tap menu. You can access a two-steps tutorial directly from the app.

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